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White Horse Farm Carriages has a number of horse-drawn hearse carriages available for funeral services including a Black, White, Pink Hearse and Traditional Flat Bed Dray. By hiring a funeral carriage, you can pay the perfect tribute to your loved one in the most dignified manner. Horses are available in black and white. Matching drapes and feathered plumes can be arranged in the colour of your choice.

Black Hearse

Our traditional black hearse with black horses are suitable for any funeral service.

White Hearse

For a slight change in tradition we have our white hearses which look lovely with personalised plume and drape colours.

Pink Hearse

The baby pink carriage is a fitting tribute to the perfect princess.

Flatbed Dray

For the country style we have our flatbed dray which looks perfect with a pair of rare Shires.

Mourners Carriage

We also have beautiful mourners carriages which can be used in the funeral procession.

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