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Carriage Tours

Carriage Tours

With our personal bridal carriages, Victorian style carriages, and fun group carriages there is a carriage for every occasions

  • Tours of London

  • Harvel Village Tour

  • Pick A Location of Your Choice In The South East

We offer tours around London, taking in all the historic sights, tours around your own special town and tours around the beautiful village of Harvel. These tours can be purchased as presents whether it for a Christmas treat, anniversary surprise or for a special birthday.

Our tours around Harvel start with a little tour around our farm with a chance to meet the horses, this costs just £250 for 4 people.

We and our horses can travel anywhere in the South East for a local tour to you, you can personalise however you wish with the start and end point of your choice. You can even opt to have a bottle of bubbly to make it extra special.

Our increasingly more popular London tours are a great way to see the sights in style. Again you can choose from our personal carriages brilliant for private moment like a marriage proposal or group carriages which are perfect for hen dos, and corporate events.

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